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We at Skincare 101 recognizes that every woman deserves to feel fantastic about themselves, which is why We offer this affordable luxury. No matter if you are a mother, a celebrity, or a lady on the go, you are ensured to find the finest help.

Features of Our Services


Pricing & Time

Diamond Glow  
Ultra Hydrating Diamond Glow$200.0070 mins
Vitamin C Anti- Aging Diamond Glow$200.0070 mins
Skin Brightening Diamong Glow$200.0070 mins
Pore Clarying Acne Diamond Glow$200.0070 mins
Diamond Glow Back Infusion$250.0070 mins
Skincare Facial  
VIP Fruit Enzyme Facial$90.0055 mins
Skinsense 101 Signature Facial$199.0080 mins
Teen Facial w/ Blue Light Therapy (13 – 17 yo)$85.0060 mins
Pregnancy/ Lactating Mom Facial with Scalp Massage$99.0070 mins
Just For Him Facial -Gentleman’s Starter$99.0060 mins
Just For Him Facial – Gentleman’s Level Up (Micro/O2)$150.0075 mins
Oxygen Infusion Facial with Cryo$175.0075 mins
Signature Hydrafacial$199.0060 mins
Deluxe (with customized booster with LED Therapy)$250.0070 mins
Platinum (with Lymphatic Drainage)$285.0090 mins
Signature Hydrafacial Back Treatment$250.0070 mins
Facial Lymphatic with Express Clean Up$150.0060 mins
Non-medical Grade Peels  
Perfection Lift$200.00 
Microgetglowing Peel$250.00 
Jessner Lift  
Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial – Illuminate$200.0080 mins
Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial – Revive$200.0080 mins
Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial – Balance$200.0080 mins
Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial – Hydrate$200.0080 mins
Geneo Back Treatment$350.0080 mins.
Geneo with Booster ( Ultrasonic)$250.0090 mins
Bikini – Full$55.0045 mins
Bikini – Line$45.0045 mins
Bikini – Brazilian$60.0045 mins
Back – Full$65.0045 mins
Back – Mid$30.0045 mins
Back – Lower$25.0045 mins
Back – Upper$30.0045 mins
Stomach – Full$35.0045 mins
Stomach – Strip$15.0045 mins
Chest – Full$35.0045 mins
Chest – Strip$25.0045 mins
Butt – Full$30.0045 mins
Butt – Strip$25.0045 mins
Underarms$25.0045 mins
Inner thigh$20.0045 mins
Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip$150.0075 mins
Microdermabrasion Dazzelderm Crystals$175.0075 mins
Back Rejuvenating Facial$150.0060 mins
Back Clarifying Facial ( glyoclic/ salicylic with light therapy)$250.0060 mins
Add on Refresh Eye Perks for Hydrafacial$50.00 
Add on Refresh Lips Perks for Hydrafacial$50.00 
Revitalizing Scalp Massage ( Peppermint,Eucayptus,Scalp Massage)$10.00 
LED Light Therapy for Skincare Facial, Diamond Glow, Microderm$25.00 
Hand Eco-Fin$10.00 
Feet Eco-Fin$10.00 
CBD Scalp massage$25.00 
Diamond Glow amplify your lips$25.00 
Keravive Hair/Scalp Treatment$75.00 
Skin Consultation with Express Clean Up$50.00 
Consultation & 1st service session$150.00 
Initial Home Care Products$150-$200 
Bi-Weekly Acne Session/Treatment$100-$150 
Acne Custom Facial$100-$199 

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