Revitalizing Scalp Massage

Helping You Look Good

Massaging the scalp can relax the entire nervous system by stimulating the nerves that sit close to the skin’s surface.  With a firm, yet gentle touch, a good scalp massage can help reduce the levels of stress hormones that impact everything from our heart rate and emotions, to blood pressure, and breathing.  The massage begins with a light application of a scalp purifying tonic, by way of a slow and deliberate touch. This is followed by a deeper, more vigorous massage using a hint of essential  scalp oil ( Peppermint, Eucalyptus, lavender)  to nourish and soothe, while settling and slowing the nervous system.

*The scalp massage uses very little tonic and essential oil,  it is however, not recommended for those looking to keep their hair neat and tidy.


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